Volunteering – Characteristics, Attitudes and Behaviours for Success

Respect – demonstrated by timeliness, dress, limiting outside interferences, listening with interest, allowing full expression

Warmth – conveyed by helpful intentions and a friendly manner

Empathy – the ability to see the world from another’s perspective

Genuineness – bringing ourselves to the relationship, being honest

Self Awareness/Understanding – trust your own thoughts and feelings that occur in relationship situations

Non-judgmental – by not criticizing or moralizing in the helping relationship a bond of trust will develop.

Non-defensive – acceptance of criticism and negative emotions expressed toward you without retaliating deepens the bond of trust.  Agree to disagree with support.

Unconditional Positive Regard – creating an atmosphere of trust in which the person feels wholly respected and valued.  Conveyed by behaviour that demonstrates that we consider individuals responsible for themselves, their actions, thoughts and feelings and that we believe in their capacity to grow.


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