Coping effectively with bereavement is vital to our mental health.  It takes time to heal.  Grieving is not a weakness, it is a necessity.  Grieving helps us to come to terms with the need for our relationship with the deceased and to re-focus our energies toward the future.

Stages (flow and length between stages is unique to individual) and how to help:

  1. Numbness or Shock – be a supporter
  2. Disorganization – be a listener
  3. Re-organization – be a friend

Few people can cope alone with the pain of bereavement.  They need to talk about their loss and share their pain.  This is a normal part of the grieving process.  However, if reactions are extreme, encourage professional help and provide the support necessary to assist the bereaved to take this step toward help.

If you are grieving – reach out for help.  Don’t always rely on others to make the first move.  Let people know when you need companionship and support.



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