Body language 101 | Today’s Parent

Your handy-dandy body-language decoder

Eye rolling: an act of utter disrespect that is best summed up with, “Whatever!”

Shoulder shrugging: a gesture of defeat that says, “I give up,” and, “There’s no point in even saying anything.”

Arm crossing: a defensive posture indicating, “I’m under attack,” “I feel threatened,” and “I’m about to be hurt.”

Phone checking (or tablet flicking, or TV watching):
a form of distraction that says, “What you’re saying/doing is not a priority,” and, “You’ll have to work a little harder to earn my attention.”

Toe tapping: a sign of impatience. For example, “Hurry up so I can get out of here,” and, “I’m only pretending to be interested in what you are saying.”


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