Five communication styles | Today’s Parent

Family therapy pioneer Virginia Satir pinpointed five communication styles — the pattern of engagement reflexively adopted when under duress. Find yours…

The placater is self-effacing and confrontation-averse and will say whatever needs to be said to service others. Your goal: to please.

The blamer needs to be right at all costs and will dominate, accuse and tyrannize in order to win. Your goal: power/superiority.

The super-reasoner adopts a robotically cool, intellectual stance to remain emotionally detached from situations. Your goal: control.

The distracter uses irrelevance, chatter and constant movement to disrupt and thus diffuse communication. Your goal: comfort.

The congruent communicator is genuinely expressive, listens to others, and is oriented on solving problems rather than gaining the upper hand. Your goal: solutions.



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