Positive Thoughts and Self Esteem

A teen girl’s self-esteem level has a significant impact on her current and future decisions. Self-esteem levels are directly related to the thoughts and mental dialogues people engage in with themselves. Positive thoughts generate positive behavior based on a high level of self-esteem, whereas, negative thoughts generate negative and often destructive behavior, resulting in a poor self-image. In order to change a person’s behavior, one must begin with what and how that person is thinking. A person cannot think one thing and become another; one’s thinking patterns will chart the rest of one’s life. Failure to change these thought patterns can lead to bullying, suicide promiscuity, eating disorders, self-mutilation and early pregnancy, as well as poor parenting skills. The situation seems self perpetuating.

According to Dove, only 11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word “beautiful” to describe themselves, and 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful. While these statistics seem to reflect only the outer appearance, in reality, they are an indication of an internal problem. Also, according to Dove, a girl’s inner beauty critic moves in by the time she is fourteen years old and continues to erode her self-esteem as she ages.

There have been many secular responses to this epidemic with each bringing a wealth of information and advice on how to solve the issue. Such programs use various methods to raise self-esteem: individual counseling, workshops, and summer camps, and schools just for girls, among others. While many of these programs have achieved some success in providing methods on how to improve self-esteem levels among young girls, the problem persists and is, in fact, getting worse. Every day, the news media reports such social problems as crime, domestic violence, drug abuse; the list is almost endless. One of the biggest sources of these problems which affect all of our society is the poor self-esteem among our teen girls, who when they have children and become the most powerful teachers in our society do not know how the rear their babies in a positive, value-based way. And so the problem goes on and worsens.

I believe that the reason these current programs haven’t been completely successful is that they lack the faith-basedperspective. A faith-based perspective to the problem, providing girls with a method that is guaranteed not to fail because it is based on a solid foundation, backed by the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus. By encouraging teen girls to see themselves as Christ sees them, they are learning that God’s Word is true and He does not lie: what He says in his Word will come to pass. Another added value that a faith based perspective will bring is motivation, because it removes the pressure from young girls to be perfect in and of themselves and places it in God’s hand, allowing Him to mold and shape them into the person He created them to be before the foundations of the world.

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