Healthy aging

People are living longer – it’s a simple fact. And it certainly doesn’t appear that it will reverse itself any time soon. As we age, most of us want to stay as healthy as we can physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so we can enjoy a quality of life that is optimal in our “golden years.” We want to age gracefully, not just get old. How can we do that?

  • Age actively, not passively – don’t let age get the best of you – make healthy choices that are purposeful and support your feeling good
  • Stay physically active – avoid the sedentary life style and walk regularly or get some type of physical exercise, stop smoking, avoid heavy alcohol and drug use, eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise your brain – do crossword puzzles, take a course for fun, learn how to play an instrument, play board games that require thinking, create something new, paint, enjoy a hobby
  • Exercise your sociability – don’t be a loner, meet friends for dinner, or better yet, lunch (eating a larger meal midday is better), see family, enjoy the grandchildren, volunteer, help those less fortunate
  • Exercise positive thinking – focus on the good in your life, think positive thoughts, see the glass as half-full – what you think – you attract into your life – so make sure it’s good!
  • Stay in touch with a higher power – pray, meditate, attend communal services – those who engage in some type of spiritual activity tend to be healthier and happier – at any age!

Remember – the insides often reflect on the outside. If you want to look good – try feeling good and stay optimistic. Then the “golden years” really can shine!


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