Life-long learning

So why is life-long learning important?

First of all, life is dynamic. If you are static in the area of knowledge, you will quickly become obsolete. Learning is expansive and keeps your mind flexible and adaptive to change and growth.

  1. Learning facilitates your creativity. As you learn, you can take that knowledge and blend it with your previous experiences and create something totally unique for you.
  2. Learning stimulates and strengthens the neuron connections in the brain. The stronger you maintain these connections, studies show that you lower your risks of dementia-type disorders as you age.
  3. Learning reinforces that “child-like” curiosity that keeps you young at heart. If you approach learning with reluctance and dread, you lose that joy and fascination that is available to you otherwise.
  4. Learning keeps you engaged and relevant in society. You will have lots of topics that you can talk about in any social situation you find yourself in. You will be able to make those around you feel comfortable and valued.

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